The most rugged electric-powered hot water pressure washer in a skid frame is the SEHW—an acronym for Skid Electric Hot Water. It features a top-of-the-line, belt-drive, tri-plunger high-pressure LANDA Pump with 7‑year warranty and low RPM for extended life. Along with the other LANDA models that feature an easy-access, energy-efficient horizontal coil, the SEHW offers these premier benefits:

QUALITY: Packed with LANDA quality throughout, the SEHW is heated by diesel or fuel oil using a high-efficiency burner. Other quality features include: Heating coil made of 1/2-inch Schedule 80 steel pipe; a 1.25-inch steel frame; a detergent metering valve for convenience in adjusting the flow of the soap; and a power platform for the motor and pump that is mounted on vibration isolators to minimize stress on the frame and to increase the equipment life.


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